Who Controls The World? That Is Easy. I Do.


I once believed that everything in this world is within my control.  I believed I had the power to influence everything and anything.  I had great arguments that could convince most people that I was brilliant or delusional.  I have since changed my perspective a little.

I no longer believe that I can influence everything in the world.  Instead I believe that I am my own world.  As long as I am in control of myself then essentially I can control everything.  Think of it this way.  If something doesn’t exist do you know about it.  No, so in your world it does not exist.  If it does exist then you get to decide how you perceive this thing.  You can believe it to be good or bad, yummy or yucky, fast or slow.  For your world you get to decide what it is to you.  You can even take horrible tragedies and some people think they are positive and some believe they are destructive.  You get to decide by your perception.

Now I understand that for most people it is not a conscious decision.  You make instant determinations based on your history.  But could it be a conscious decision.  For some it is easier than other.  If you are devoid of most emotions you can decide how you want to react to things.  Generally you would try and fit in but you still get to decide.  In a sense you would be the deciding factor in good and evil.  It has long been a sentiment of mine that good and evil are not determined in church.  You can be a atheist and still understand good and evil, right and wrong.  Why?  Because you get to perceive the world exactly how you want to see it.

For me this is all great.  I tend to be a slight bit of a control freak.  I like to be in control of everything that I can at all times.  If I cannot control it I usually eliminate it from my life or at least diminish the number of my exposure.  So while I cannot control the world per se I can decide how I view that world and that is almost as good as control.  In a way it is control, but I guess that depends on how you perceive it.

So how are you going to perceive your world today?

One thought on “Who Controls The World? That Is Easy. I Do.”

  1. Good thinking, sir.
    Looking back, the path you came in on stands out; looking ahead though there is not one that does. so what do you do? Can you be anything but the good little Newtonian body in motion pushed this way or that by church or state on one side or evolutionary adaptations on the other? I don’t know; sometimes it seems like me and my consciousness are just along for the ride and other times I feel like turning the wheel actually does something, that scares me as much as it thrills.
    And thanks for the follow.

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