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If the journey is what it is all about what happens when two of you take two separate paths to the same goal?  Does that make you incompatible?

Who do you ask the questions which have no answers?

If you have to choose between two things that you cannot live without, what do you do?

Why do I let the things I cannot change bother me so much?

Why do I do the things I do when I know they will not work?

How many times must I try and fail before they decide I am insane?

How do you argue with the voices in your head when you know they are right, but you don’t want them to be?

Is accepting your place within a relationship the same as settling?

How do you feel when you have no feelings left?

5 thoughts on “Why…”

  1. I don’t know how to answer any of those questions. I think the universe reveals itself eventually though, and in ways one may not expect. If you were one of my friends, and you told me all of that, I’d ask you 2 things: What do you want? and What needs to change to make that happen? Then go from there.

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  2. I don’t have any answers, dear writer. But I have a method: step into the questions. A wise person said that to me years ago, and it is how I have lived since. What does it mean? That is the journey. Taking one step followed by the next followed by the next. The path reveals itself as you step into it. Process…and marathon (not sprint)…and taking time to “smell the flowers” along the way. And feel the pain. And share the victories and defeats and challenges and possibilities with others. I hope you take the step(s). HUGS.

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