What Is So Special About Jan 1?

What does a new year really bring?

Many people use this time of year as a way to reset their lives.  They make New Year resolutions.  They try and make their lives better in some way.  They think it is a new beginning and an opportunity to make changes.  But if you look at things, what is the difference between July 1st and Jan 1st?  They are just dates.  They are numbers on a wall.  Do they really have special meaning that will allow you to make all these changes that escaped you all year?  So what is the drive to make Jan 1st such a changing date?  I know where I fit and the changes I can make and if I want to make them or try to make them I really don’t care what the date may be.

I think the only real significance of Jan 1st is the arbitrary date signifying the end of one year and the beginning of another which naturally causes people to reflect back on what they accomplished during that year.  This is what prompts people to try and change.  They look back and then decide they did not like something and desire to make that change.

So if we spent 5 min each day reflecting on the day before, then could everyday be Jan 1st?


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