Time is Better Than Religion

universe and time

I read something the other day that made me think.  I have always had a problem with religion, mostly because of the way I was raised more than anything else.  The concept of it is tough for me to grasp.  What I read made more sense to me than any religious teaching or sermon I have ever heard.

Time.  It is the key element.  If you believe in time then for the most part religion could be irrelevant.  If time is constant and always is and always will be then the billions and billions of years allow a lot of opportunities for reoccurrence.  It is all math really.  If the creation of the human race on earth was a 1 in 1 million chance of happening within the universe, then all you would need to do would be to wait long enough and it would happen.  The law of averages would say that eventually if you waited long enough that 1 in 1 million chance would occur.  Matter would combine just right and earth and humans would be born again.  And if you waited long enough it would happen again and again.

We are all made up of matter that cannot be created or destroyed just changed.  Which means as we die and our matter goes back to the universe, eventually, after enough time we would happen again.  We would be exactly as we are now.  There are also probably other variations of us and other worlds that would exist as well based on the same theory.  It is a way to think of us as immortal.  We may die but eventually we will be created again.  Who knows maybe some genetic mutation may gift you with the memories you have right now.

Religion preaches of an after life and heaven and hell based on ancient writing.  Maybe, just maybe we misinterpreted what they meant.  Maybe they meant that through this process we would always come again.  We would be the gods and be immortal.

Now the trick would be doing this all again without making the same mistakes I have made.  Then again if I wait long enough….

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